What Our Clients Are Saying…​

“Erin is a natural coach. She creates a safe environment to do process work and emotional deep work. I look forward to working with her again.”

Chris C.

“Working with Erin feels like landing in a soft bed of feathers. She is authentic, connected and able to open your heart to healing.”
Vivian T.
“Erin has a soft, gentle therapetic style that immediately puts her clients at ease. She skillfully guides her clients toward new awareness that empower them to make changes they consider necessary to a better way of living.”
Jeannie B.
“Erin listens so carefully to her clients. She is also especially attuned to what her client is experiencing in their body. she provided a safe space for her client to go where they are vulnerable and receive deep support.”
“Erin created a safe, loving environment where I was able to identify and work through blockages in my life.”
Jen W.
“I am grateful to you for doing the grief work with me. LT is a beautiful joy to me. I felt loved and my guilt of loss is at peace."
Diane G.
“Erin makes her clients feel safe and heard with her kindness, her depth of presence, and her ability to listen with compassion and sensitively guide her clients to their own truth.”
“I am so grateful for the opportunity to have had Erin as a therapist. I felt very guided to deal with some things I didn’t even know were up for me! What an eye-opening and amazing experience.”
Heather T.

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