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Mindful Stridz Kid's Equine Programs

Children’s Equine “Grooming through Grief” Programs
Children process grief differently than adults do. They grieve in stages, or in waves - One minute a child may be crying about the loss of a loved one and the next minute they are out playing with their neighborhood friends. This is completely normal.

However, loss can incredibly confusing for kids depending on their age and how it happened.

The Grooming through Grief Program is an 8-week program that offers therapeutic support for children ages 7-14 who are mourning the loss of a loved one. Our mission is to help children understand what they are feeling and to understand that what they are experiencing inside is normal and natural.

Each week children will:

  • Meet in group with the other children and the adult leaders and learn the theme of the week and tell a little bit about their loved one.
  • Connect with the horses at the barn by grooming them and playing simple games.
  • Express themselves and their feelings through some creative process (memory boxes, masks, etc)


Horse Whispering for Kids Summer Camps
This summer camp combines the skills of natural horsemanship and the creative arts. It is offered to children ages 9-14 years old

We will explore the following activities:

  • Observing the herd and learning about their body language and anatomy
  • Playing games that teach about communication with the horses and one another
  • Art Projects - such as journal making and painting the horses
  • Short yoga and/or dance sessions
  • Basic round pen groundwork skills

New programs to be announced.
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