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Aware on the Air

Welcome to Aware on the Air - Our mission and vision as a podcast project is to share the wisdom and information of leaders in the field of mindfulness, parenthood, stress reduction, health and wellness.

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Aware on the Air Podcasts

The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® and Mandala Parts Work
An Interview with Melisa Pearce, Founder of Touched by a Horse and the EGCMethod®.
August 28, 2015

Melisa is a lifelong horsewoman, entrepreneur, and author. She is the founder of Touched by a Horse and the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® - a two-year certification program that integrates working with horses, life coaching, somatic work, gestalt therapy, human dynamics, and creating your own business. She currently lives and runs her certification program out of Colorado. This podcast is an introduction to the EGCMethod® and Mandala Parts Work, which is an integral therapeutic aspect of the certification program.


Paradigm Shifts in Parenting - A New Way of Thinking about Children's Moods
An interview with Lisa Dion on Parenting, Biology, and Emotional Regulation
October 05, 2012

Lisa Dion Lisa Dion, MA, LPC , RPT-S is a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor, Certified Gestalt Therapist, Level II EMDR Practitioner, Parent Educator and Certified Demartini Method™ Facilitator. She is an international teacher, creator of “Synergetic Play Therapy”, clinical supervisor for various play therapy internship sites across Colorado, and is the founder and director of the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado. Lisa also trains and supervises therapists across the world in therapeutic skill development and business creation.

Lisa spends much of her time teaching, training, and educating her clients and the professionals she works with on how to achieve their dreams, recognize the magnificence of who they are and truly live inspired lives.

Paradigm Shifts in Parenting - A New Way of Thinking about Children's Moods
PART 2A and 2B -  STRATAGIES for Parents and Teachers
In this podcast, Lisa Dion continues her presentation on the biology of behavior in children and adults. She discusses strategies and tools that help parents and educators understand and support their own emotional landscape and the children they care for.


The Sacred Path of Motherhood
An interview with Niki Dewart, co-author of The Mother's Wisdom Deck
May 10, 2012

nikidewart_mwsbiopic4Niki Dewart, mother of Haven and Afton, has willingly detoured from a career as an arts writer/curator and rites-of-passage guide to walk the sacred path of motherhood. Over the past fifteen years, she has studied countless spiritual traditions and traveled worldwide to sit with wisdom keepers. In 2005, Niki began a lifetime’s work with her true gurus—her children. Her world is now her home in Lyons, Colorado, where writing, beauty-making, gardening, and chicken tending feed a vibrant and meaning-rich family life. She also is a founder of Applesong, a pioneering cottage school that nourishes the bodies, minds, and spirits of children in her community. Niki leads rituals, workshops, and retreats that nurture the soul of mothering.